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Phoenix City Park Renovations

Thomas+Crowley chooses Ament to provide Civil Engineering and Survey solutions for Nuestro Park renovations in downtown Phoenix.

Building Relationships

When the client needed quick service on a project under construction, Ament was there to help.  Ament provides a large volume of construction survey support to valley contractors and architects giving us an opportunity to demonstrate the value of adding Ament to future project teams.  If your project is going sideways and you need solutions that your existing consultants aren’t providing #getament

When clients experience our level of service and quick response its no surprise that we get asked to participate on their next project.  Getting our engineering team involved early in the process gives us an opportunity to value engineer the design with the contractors, and seamlessly integrate the construction staking in the field.  Thomas+Crowley understands the value that Ament provides and we are pleased to be working with them on Phoenix city park renovations in downtown Phoenix to bring additional amenity and programming to Nuestro Park.  (Concept Image courtesy of Thomas+Crowley)

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