Trellis Multi-Family

Multi Family – yes we do that.

Trellis at Mission is a planned 43 unit townhome development with a clubhouse & community space located in Phoenix, Arizona.  The Trellis project is an infill project located in the Foothills Acres neighborhood situated on approximately 2.9 Acres.

Trellis is an example of a  small multi-family project designed by Ament and collaborating disciplines.  As evidenced by the Grading and Drainage plan depicted above, its amazing how the jurisdictions have complicated the plan submittal requirements.  And for that reason, you need Ament on your next multi-family project.  We’ll help you navigate the jurisdictional processes to get your project designed and approved.

This project contained multiple site challenges including shallow sewer, FEMA floodplain delineation, dense site design with minimal storm water retention options and short earthwork.  As we always say,  there is a reason that infill development property is available, Ament will help you determine the risks and solution the remedy!  #GetAment